A Fool Album

by †MK

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The first album from your friendly, neighborhood trolls.


released May 16, 2015

DJ JD Dickens, Swapmeet Da Pizza King, Sgt. X, T-Rekt, Volivoli - Josésitos Bless Us with Aloe Vera, PhilRidez, Demonevin, and Sitting Girl get thrash in your headphones.



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†MK Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: TMK
X & Swapmeet (Intro): TMK, TMK, TMK...

X: Drop dead, I'm gorgeous, lower than the floors, been charred to the bone due to habits atop porcelain, poor soul, sadly, no more righteous than a pork butt. pork belly, tellin' truth to children with a forked tongue, and I keep my distance with my anger just to mask the truth, wish upon a star so it can rain when I ask it to, and still I bled all the colors of my alphabet, I throw myself over the ledge 'til there's no safety net, they are always here, but it's apparent that they've never seen, my teen spirit smells like a parrot dowsed in kerosene, I'm guaranteed to fuck shit up, jumping until I bust a nut, it's more than just a mother-fuck, I'm fucking up your mother's butt, more or less regardless, uncooked, hard to spit, I burn more bridges than six atheist arsonists, I need Swapmeet to tell me how far to stray, get it, get it hard 'cause I still go TMK, nigga!

Volivoli: Asking with Whirl as king why I struggle with simple things, the bottled vibes that sprung a flux, screwed my willing since I can't give fucks, thought the thoughts I think were rare that bashing my focus they can't compare cause clashing minds are filling, I'm stuffed and my head is spilling, pounding the pavement, denying I'm complaicent, our streets ignore our homeless, and home is just so penniless, unruly giddy kiddy mess, unspoken, but could you guess, my heaven was never enough
I starved, not knowing how to bluff, trippin' 'bout her bliss, mis-
led my appetite to climb while these foolish med eyes stare at the vibrant sublime, but flippin' Swapmeet laid a platter of inspiration that matters, fuck, now I'm fatter, fuck, now I'm fatter, so I stopped praying for praise,
ego-swelling tramps get malaise, was dead at ease, numbing brain freeze had tried and found over-thinking's a tease, your kind surprises now satisfy as prizes, spoiling the vices that myself advices.

Swapmeet: They see my chest puffing through the crevices, they clearly see my ego like my dick's up on my necklace, hanging with these kiddies who went to hell to serve their two terms, only thing left upon my grave stone were some red ferns, talkin to the rain cloudz, forget about the sunshine, never rains in LA but the tears fall in the night time, gettin' a little scared about the skeletons in your closet when the mortuary comes to us to make a daily deposit, this world was a muck before I was born into it, so I can side with the guys who keeps defence on his glock clip, cuz' I'm walking in the product of my ancestors contradictions, choking on the fools gold when the hope starts to glisten, started below the bottom pushed our way through the gates of hell, a kool kid clan who leavez rubber burning tire smell, behind the wheel, kid steering with his gap teeth, tryin' to change the world by being who you're supposed to be, my pearly whites left an early taste, common story to rise to fame, but leave it to the goonz to break the foolz who choose to play the game, if I did it right dandelions will blow my gravestone, wouldn't need to rise and ask if my exit was known, ya' mad bro, have a tantrum to beat you out of it, you can cry louder but my baby's never had a fit, cuz' my goals ain't egotistical, no girlies tickle testicles, money, sex, and drugz is not gonna' apprehend a fool and if you think you're bad enough, you better grab your bag of nuts to come and test this, me all night so you know I don't get restless, a thrashing little boy who leavez you stirring up your chex mix, these are proven facts, even Santa checked his check list.

DJ: I’m ‘a 'na top you on a table, I’m your maid, Miss, cleaning up this TMK mess, I’m an Obelisk, standing tall, flat on the floor, wait an hour for Swap, Moscle, and Unicorn to finish then sitting like a broody hen, Toon Town, Roger Rabbit on time, I set my Heavy Storm skip the whole damn line to chidren’s rides cut to exit chasing ass across the land, I’m chasing my own tail for the bits that I don’t want to bless, you can have it back, disinterested/let down by big boy’s big toy, he wants another kid to play with him, the kiddie’s self - absorbed, dying, and convinced that she’ll adore him at one point or another, ripping himself apart until he’s shrapnel on her sweater, I’m tempted to take it off regardless of the bounding tether, I wanna’ believe that it’s the heat and Mountain Dew that makes up fucked-up, but in the subtext it’s just TMK code of conduct, kid.
Track Name: Progress
X: Call it progress, but my progression is offset, don't get depressed when my parents say I'm a threat to their lifestyle dreams of being "normal," a wild child mind that gets a cornhole full of lies, lies, limes and lemons, asking God, do they make lemonade in heaven, got to give an arm, a leg, and break a bone to make these kings motherly and to put mothers upon the throne, but it left my heart breaking, shaking hands with a pagan, what, you don't approve, that's not a big surprise to me or you, screaming, who knew shoes shine when you spit on 'em two times, throw my clock at your head, so you learn that time flies when I'm having fun, stuff my fingers down your throat 'til you choke on what you're having, son, just saying that it should be intuitive that a pituitary tumor was not the thing that grew me big, but it was the beans on my plate, which is the only thing I relate to, straight razor to your face is worse than saying that I hate you, but I've suffered too much to be called weak any longer, just some kid whom hopes the grass is greener over yonder, I ponder the fact I can't not think, in fact, I get awestruck, with time I get lost, but I'm the little boy whom fell in the well, whose only chance to become a man is to climb his way out of hell, which means I swallow my ego with all my vitamins, time after time, again and again, but it's the tell tale signs that this tall male guy should be told about his splinter, but there's a plank in your eye, I get it, be aware of what you can't see and you can't see me, I'll put you in your place and knock you back in a deep sleep, fucker.
Track Name: Leash
Sitting Girl: I'm a girl with big ideas, dying to play with toys, I'm in control, leave me alone while the excess abyss groins, this misconception of my crisis, with these critical sized slices of my youth, thrashing open these green wounds that taste like, sour self conscious reminders, I've seen this all before, my deja vu of everyones blue constantly repeating snores, Im reaching my highest peak, I promised my arm, you're impatient, I see it setting off your alarms, while I'm painting these catastrophes, fuck call it a masterpiece, the hairs behind my neck are going insane, standing up against his own selfish complaints, I'm not mistaken, not since my eighth grade has been taken from me, fists flying, head rolling, yet still got my blood flowing, my ferriswheel of thoughts, always open to learn but don't always want to be taught, remembering my own frowzy emotion defeats, seeing past the knees that cracked when loosening my leash, the cinema of my bed reels of liquor filled throats, triangles that don't restrict but limit artistic coping, thirst for making colors, this transparency shit will not cover this ironic hue that nerves and eyes pursue, ineffectual silence mirrors what I used to be, exaggeration and accuracy will forever be my inespensive form of therapy, bitch.
Track Name: chips
Tina (Chorus): We never talk anymore, the things that we wanted to fucking ignore were things that I just couldn't ignore, but thanks, I just couldn't attain, couldn't explain that I just want it.

X: I don't got the quietest hatred upon a child's lips, but dying isn't better in diabetic environments, spent my entire life acting like an entire dick, so help me to realize that life ain't just a requirement, it pissed me off that my dick was dry like a biscuit with no gravy when breasts and thighs were in my sight, but no touch, always was horny because the snuggle wasn't real enough, never see that bitch during lunch while other pussies purring just waiting for me to feel them up, but I was drunk, butt-fuck your excuses, objectivity makes women my amusement, useless, unless two chances like a Q-tip because we all fall short, poor soul with a spork, who's dying because he only eats the crumbs off the floor, screaming, "we never..."

Lord please forgive me, I've been taking more than giving up my life, and the fact that I'm weak means they won't give a fuck if I'm right to the fly, four eyes, seven chances, they say justice is blind, but so am I without glasses, I pity the wise man, fools got it on lock due to our short childhood timespan, I am, or at least have done truly evil things, that's why I can't talk to my family, no one told them they can't handle me, handle me, so handle me, loved lots, but unwanted more, call me heart throb, but it just means that I left her heart sore and burdened, done with all my bullshit, usually I'd be crying, but I'm sorry because I'm so sick and tired of my whining and complaining, so I cry myself a river 'til I acquire a mainstream, but fuck it all because it's all the same thing, on my hands and knees begging please hate me, screaming, "we..."
Track Name: Pigsty
Swapmeet: Call of flyin piggiez, imagination attached to the thoughts of little kiddies, stuck face, mud deep, said that it was good for me, the poorest brat ya' eva' seen, $poiled knowz what spoiled meanz, ungrateful for the air it breathes, sacrifice for spoiled needs, ya' wanna lean, my brother selling Codeine, all we want is sex, fuck these demons we are coping, hanging with a Vader chap, air choke his wrist will clap, chillin like aristocrats, walked in the kitchen catchin' Xian tryin to masturbate, wonder if he'd focus if there's nothing on his dinner plate, cuz my stomach ached, 'n' all I ever see is money, one thing I learned is physical can be taken from me, sick of this man-made Garden of Eden, they shocked me in my collar, threw me back in a pig pen, somethin bad about it, hanging with these addicts habits, wanna' speak my mind leave me screaming inside my mattress, nothin' but a Hipocritic-potimis, self-conscious arguments, can't say I'm pure when my crimes are just anonymous, bitch. I'm far from perfect, better close your mouth, deserve it, waste my breath on somethin' worthless, mom, I'm not your problem, son, but I got some problems, come 'n' take this pocket gun, no fun, her last piggy was baked until he porked, passed him a pistol so he could puke his last snort, sing a trail of Cheerios, my thoughts were lead to violence, someone kill my brain, these voices are far from silent, they're sayin' that I suck, 'n' I'm starting to believe them, wish it was in my head, but it's in the hallwayz that I'm greetin' them, ice cold mud covered fingers in a handshake, successfully stole my childhood like Suzy lost her EZ Bake, take the backpack, rub the spit from my eyes, lookin for my dignity as I flee this pigsty!

(Shut the fuck up!)

X: Why the fuck can't I leave, stuck in this sty and they don't see when I'm crying myself a river, loathing the mirror, spit on it, so I won't see myself any clearer than a deer in a headlight, crash-landing, he's screwed with his head tight, ruin everything like a clog in a lead pipe, your lies ain't justified, crucified flesh on the grill tasting hella' fine, but I still can't, never can, get enough, call me elect, but I see no more stuff than what used to be a sex addict, don't give any fucks, so call me abstinent, say I can't have any while they all are busy having it (uh) a large bowl of ignorance all turned to horse shit, do my best to grind off the horns I was born with, I can taste the death in my ears, steer far from the overwhelming sin of my peers, with their spirit of lawlessness, I am my own odium, don't have any rights 'cause I'm sixteen and so damn dumb, but I can get over leapfrog and red rover, red rover, bring destruction of his flesh over, teaching bitches how to sit, Little Homie's got that attitude, floor covered in shit, can't wait to leave a dog or two, they say to get dumb, so I get none, these cats are nothing but kids, so I get to easy bakin' 'em, but I'm not a witch inside a candy house, I'm diabetic, so they try to kick the candy out, try to lose the weight, won't look back in the race, stay on the narrow path 'til I'm back in my place, better be ready because the world is coming in its real size, be rolling in the shit while Swap is fleeing the Pigsty.
Track Name: Animals, Me
T-Rekt: As I grab you by the waist, I hold tight to no restraint, and I do as you say because I adore the way that you look when on fire giving screams like Rottweiler, but when we're on your bed and you're shaking that head from that orgasm that made you say, "please go deeper, make it harder; touch me lightly like a gentleman politely" so instead I clutch your throat as I begin to overdose, hydrochronic overflow until the tears run down your face as you're begging and pleading, I mistook the words for cheering and screaming so I begin to hold you closer and lick that salt water right off your face and kiss your lips to leave a stain of your own blood mistaken by the way that I make love to give a suck this ain't your normal fuck because it's rape, it's just the same like you did to my heart on that day, and it hurts in the way above the threshold of pain and the wounds that I gained and the words that I say don't mean shit, so I take a couple hits then I begin to reminisce, but you are still fighting and I'm super sizing my meal because I'm constantly eating and waiting for my wounds to heal to commit a homicide that make my rage decline do not be surprised that I've decided suicide.

She said she left me for Jesus so I decided to burn down the idea of Eden and I'm eating her out as she opens her mouth I send two fingers down she is starting to drown in beginning to frown silence putting me down and as hormones reside see look there goes my pride, self conscious animals: me, myself, and I.

TMK boy toys, patches, logos, Thrash 44, eating pizza, chips ahoy, petting puppies, Petco, spitting them rhymes that Fosho (woo), hotter than summer in Fresno, Unicorn King name's Taco, the Pizzaking don't fuck with hoes (oh), blood sucking leech mosquitos, chicken and steak burritos, DJ's a vegan, and X diabetic, Jose was homeless, and Sweetlime's a cleric, Dungeons and Dragons to Yu-Gi-Oh, videogames, shit studio, my talents declining white girl so inviting I am so fat that I'm starting to hide it and every second it feels like im dying, I dont want life but yet though I'm trying to not be a self conscious animal: I, myself, and me reside to sleep, decomposing, count some sheep, to this promise I will keep to hold you in your dreams and to coax you in your sleep until your weak between the knees, until I throw up and my stomach starts to slim down, until my heart begins to pound, I piss our name unto the ground 'cause TMK plays that shit loud.
Track Name: Sugar-Free
DJ: Purple, grape, I can bake your thoughtless rachet face into a steak, kummerspeck, you’re awarded by Darwin, an honorable mention on the pavement not but a stone’s throw from separating cranium from torso, moreso apocalypticalaminerationalitoblerone end of the flea bites’ nutritional chocolate used to kill children, Krafty responses, Mondelēz bae chips have trans fat discard them, postmortem Caillou bald head split wide through and died from the blithe and a sizable lack of the blind truth, convoluted answers in the solute say its basic, but I’d rather have the acid in my eyes than spit less alkaline blood, health is relative, Mondelēz argues its irrelevant, that while we’re splattered with mud, they’re diamond mining us, blood minds and gold veins leading to the heart of profit of the dominus, towering enigma without dignity or omnibus patent of its system, even though the obscurity’s what allowed you in the cistern of leeches, it’s my turn to rip you off my back and snap your jaw off, and regardless of the hirudin I’ll stop the bleeding at Nordhoff and Lindley, learning how to talk right, hearing all these math ideas, I came thirty fucking miles for a bandaid and a catheter, but I’m losing my eyesight, regret in my hindsight, I came here to cauterize, but I’m leaking from both eyes, fatigued, a tad wired, and dry skin from the fire in the sky and I don’t moisturize but find time for gapped thighs and crashing into bedsheets, wreckage in my lack of sleep from that bright screen as I’m breaking my skin, jaded from my eye lean, but my Macbook is dying, and I can’t reach that charger, I’m stranded at Cypress and it’s hotter than hell here, and I have to walk back to your passive aggression, but if you impose upon my composure, I will stitch your eyelids to your eyebrows and massage asbestos into your irises.
Track Name: Ordering Domino's With Kerry
Chorus: Girl, I want your body, I want your body, cuz' you got that big ol' fat ass, girl.

Swapmeet: Michael Jackson, end of the table with the glowing cup, my pie is the best, I love appendicitis like ouch my cowboy “ringers,” walkin' off my pedestal, Jesus knows I’m lookin’ fly high, “look at [my] brother [told you],” I know, a fan film.

X: Not depressed, but on the verge of giving up, ask me what the problem is, I'll bluff and tell you "nothing much,"'cause hatred is the labyrinth that I'm lost in, but I try and love 'em 'cause I'd rather be a Godsent, send this baby back to the king's feet, and tell him I'm defective, been called things among dick, bitch, asshole, and sexist, but what the frick you talking about, and why the fuck are you still talking with my cock in your mouth, while I vomit into porcelain, tore up your endorsement,
leave you naked in the forest like a dick without a foreskin, force a fake grin, poor and tasteless, force it down my throat that I was more than makeshift, hard as fuck but still easy baking, self-conscious, but confident, so look at me in depth, I'll say I got a little dick so call me sexually inept, but everybody knows I'm the baddest ass, with my finger up my rump where the cash is at, born, raised, crucified, nigga call it thrash, when I bury your dead body in the cabbage patch, got to be afraid of crashing to land properly, so I won't stop my rock 'til I'm on top of things, brave or cowardice, nigga fuck with us, the Crash Landing Man 'cause I ain't afraid of nothing much, out of the womb into the arms of a mortician 'cause I was born twitching, expected to die young but cluck harder than most chickens, kicking because I'm sick of this burning bush on a sinking ship, but I ain't tripping, I ain't never been arrogant, but if you don't think that I'm foolish, better check your definition quick, separate chaff from the wheat 'cause they drag their feet, only as strong as the weakest link you decide to keep, piggy!
Track Name: Comatose
X: So hungry I could throw up, honestly there's nothing in my tummy I can throw, (ughhh) can't stay awake, can't fall asleep because of bedbugs, just wanna' go, but I can't leave so my head does, welcome to my pigstye, enough blood in the gutters to make a hundred little kids cry out for another, and another shot glass full of bleach, you can ask me what to say and I can tell you what to speech, so quiz my bleed and say that I'm a city kid, killing all the pretty girls to teach you all what pretty is, I left right, left right, I get right to it, my swagg's in a box so you won't learn how I do it, little kid flow, I don't know how to talk right, always out of place like a pussy at a cockfight, Miss match, I nick-knack when I patty-whack, I drown you in the toilet so I can show you where the shits at, take long strides with my simple comportment, insouciant cross of a horse and a swordfish, with deep breaths of that chloroform, where'd you get your porridge from, made in Chernobyl like this kitty ain't your average bum, I never mind the good stuff when I never mind the struggle, got in a little scuffle with midgets who playing pinochle, on sick list, untarnished from my afflictions, dead, I keep kicking like a head without a chicken, hope I die soon of suffocation, it feels so good when it's acrid tasting, with double plastic pokers for reasons for you to talk to me, lost in the dark, no visible damn signs to read, so quit whining, search better, you dumb blind bloke, stopping to test his blood, loud enough so you know who spoke, begging awe please about the same old same old pain, having to restart 'cause my dick is my ball and chain.

DJ: Full-bodied, tantric, still so absurd that I’m alive, not subsiding in the firmament of curved actuality. Actually, I’ve slightly subscribed to the fad obscene, tabloid faction run by morons, oh my, entertainment, a flavor of the advent of humanity endearing its cause to its self-destruction, bleeding off a flaming eighteen-wheeler on an interminable suspended freeway set for demolition at two PM on Saturday, but I’m not on that bridge, I’m observing, preserving the scope of the objective mind and realizing time is useless, making up for it, fuckin’ waking up in life when the world’s full-sized, close, draw, and capsize, I’m crying in the sheets drying in the shower under droplets cleansing like holy water to satan, closing eyes on creation in the grasp of mutilation from the ignorance, bliss, and the loss for a human shit to give.
Track Name: Get Rekt, Jose
Volivoli: For a limited time only med Volivoli will be thrilling, thrashing, trolling with his homies, I'm the new, saturated and undefined, ready to spew forth art at it's most vibrant, places full of adventure, stories to help you surrender, feelings of the mundanity of life, useless conclusions that kill off the host (DJ: you get turned into a sad ol' ghost) a painting embued to the brim with the parasitic whirl, houses like clocks timely give life to the kiddies ready for a night, errie sounds that bring to life the spirit of lawlessness that I raised, but now humbled and carry around as my shadow, the tale of a psycho lookin' for a way to taste death, using others as expendable, pristine test dummies, you see, the Piglet in me no longer exists, my will to give my goodie bag is pwning noobies, though bold and willing, of course I will need, my lovely and wonderful med buddies.

Oh, my heart it seems is ahead of my sight, the thumping I feel is a promising delight so I leap a big leap, with faith in the mind, that I'll experience much of the good humankind, for as a kid I vicariously did feel the wins of my heroes, laughed, cried, reverberated with fun, the empathy is my only grinding stone, alone it atones, and alone unravels human bliss, you choose a family and you stick like glue, for then shared pleasure is most like truth, cross my heart with feral eyes deep set on the missing comfort in some lives, I'll endure anything to handle the healing that TMK will grapple, as we meddle town to town dealing shouts and powerful hands, and this of all things is what makes me hold, that we're all blessed in this waking life, trump card played out.
Track Name: F8L Foolz
Swapmeet: If ya not born the year 1996, then you probably just a wannabe talking little bitch, 'n' I hope you spit harder then ya' lick a dick, from the looks of it, you'll be kicked out my battleship, TMK kids are preparing for a launch 'n' lift, I got the whole crew yelling, (yeah, we ready for this) 'n' we'll be slanging slachin' laughin' as we fight with our fists, cuz' everything we got we fought, mouth bloody 'n' toothless, two shits about your normal life, that ship sailed too quick, don't like it, put your hands in the door, smash it carefree, it's goin to take a lot more than this sore thumb not to notice me, 'n' I won't stop my rock until I'm shot dead in a AK 47 semi-automatic discrepancy, bury my dead body at the ball pit at Chuck-E-Cheese, cuz' I'm that kid in the corner, acting fucked up like he never wanna' know ya', basically just a loser in your class, who became kooler then your act, put your pride up on the mat so the gang can bang it back to back, comin off reckless sell this shit breakfast, and I know I spiced it right when them skinny girlz come for seconds.

Demonevin: It isn't rape unless it rhymes with Demonevin parents call him foolish tell their daughters not to let him in, focus on the negative plastered upon his letterman tip-toeing for the sedatives - WAIT - I'm the baddest asshole inside your class in fact, got your girlfriend looking back like, "who the hell is that?" I leave my white sailors in her orifice, she says that she hates it, but I know she wants more of this I'm moral-less bound to be if there are demons in my lineage, let me fill you in the dripping tip of the syringe, clack your heels three times theres still no running from Demonevin, spice you up buttercup, get a nut, eat your butt, say I love you just to fuck, dancing with demons in the pale moonlight, menacing voice of defiant kids displeasing to parents encouraged to be go-getters and find the pursuit of happiness we've chosen to take the throne of teenage angst, don't try to end this when your fucking incompetent to test it.

X: If you don't think we're the koolest, then you better check your definition, synonyms include awesome, wikkid, dope and bitchin', but nobody doubts the fact that we're the weight that'll break the camel's back, I'm sorry, but you lost me when you said you thought he'd get tired of being the best, but I made sure that I drank my coffee, so I'll be up all night and you know I won't get restless, thrashing little boy whom leaves a trail of bloody test strips, they say Santa isn't real, but I made him up so he can check this, and I'm abstinent like I choked the chicken until it was headless, screaming, porky was a poor kid, happy he wasn't aborted, happy I chose the blue pill, but I wish I didn't snort it, revolt against your apostasy, comma, I'm an apostrophe, separate their ideas, bring 'em together, we are the best and we only get better, givin' candy to a baby, I'll love you even if you hate me, but expect me to wipe your butt, then expect your booty-hole to start chaffing, but nobody's talking shit, so I guess I'll get rid of my breath mints, trippin' that he is a diabetic, give my middle finger and tell them to "test this," call us that Frankenstein tree with grafted branches on all sides, hand-pick the best of the best and in response you go "oh my," God, I said oh my God, if you think I'm planning to stray from your path then I hope you know I'm not.
Track Name: I'm Too Tired for This Meme
Swapmeet: Thrash mega kings, thrash, thrash mega kings, thrash, having more meetingz with devil than a God, tickling all my skin, i waz waiting to get charred, cursed a heavy heart hard heavier then lard spit, that's why once a month I bleed these stains up in the carpet, starving kids in Africa made my problems look like shit, they'd pay me no attention cuz my parents haven't parted, ask me stupid questions, why was I sent to the office, you'll soon have my answer with my hands around your throat, bitch, punch ya' in the face if you ever call me Chris again, cuz sometimes I forget there's CHRIST in my CHRISTian name, when I'm raised in this place with horns and bubonics, where these mere mortals they fear to break from it, I rub my rusty chains, make my goal to never stay, but you only see my parents when I'm further from the pearly gates, but it's myself to blame (aww, man) rush my blood with hatred if you say it's all my young mistakes, knowledge come with age, when'd you lose your common sense, cuz' judging by my face, man, I should be straight ignorant, so I'll start a group of lost fish at sea, cuz' I'm a sailing captain with my dreams at my feet, and if you don't want to work then hop the plank and leave, cuz' jus' like little Lassie, I hate the deck when it stinks.
Track Name: <4M
T-Rekt: Remembering the scent of your sweet lips against mine, the look of your cool brown eyes, it draws me in close and I cant wait to feel it, the pounding of our heartbeats that embraces our intimate dealings, forgive me for this is the first time that I've been so close to someone, I've never been this shy, our love lies deep between the roots of our mothers and fathers, they send silent angels so we wont be bothered.

DJ: Histrionic juveniles think seldom, wanna a fucking Link like Zelda, concerned with a bird, a tripe scholar, lightning bolt ears for heart’s holler but some fucker touched her, I wanna see his fat fucking head on a silver platter, what the fuck, T-Rekt, why’d you fuck with me, I’ll smack your dense cock grin to skin potpourri, I don’t wanna hear you, so please walk back outside before I tear clear through your ears you thick fuck, you couldn’t wait twenty-four hours to get your dick sucked, should’ve seen that coming, I should’ve known that you’d wound your friend for a woman, but there’s nothing like a dame, you’re a dick, what a shame, that’s the last time you’ll hear me use your first name, get used to it, no truce cupid, do you think that I can’t read my Facebook messages dumbass, you’re not cute, you’re crass, and you two are both cunts en masse, you’re not excluded Margaret, all those references to the road not taken, “me” you mean, and I’d call you out on it but I’m too shy to make a scene.
Track Name: Space
Phil: Colliding with the angels, not a saint tripping over that red paint, shit it's blood cummin' on your mom like its a fucking flood get me fucking freaked in this cup, that purp slurp slip my tongue into ya' privates, yea the captain of the ship, trip chocolate chips laced, and feed 'em to ya' sister got me fucking in the stank, kill 'em off with army tanks, my army's long like sweater sleeves, my shit bring ya' down to your knees, got your girl begging, "more cock please," fucked her so hard, called it rape and the police, that pussy to sweet gotta get it off that lease buy and sell it at the Ralph's, but first I'm gonna wreck it (ahh) rekt till the morning sun with my gun extended, clip to the face but no suicide, ride and hide ya' fuck cowards lying in the lions den the liars try and make amends, the lion offs the liars head and so goes this tragic end.

T-Rekt: Phil and I about to ride and buy some more bev, kool kids on the block X marked the spot tatted T-Rekt, when I Dunk, I create a cataclysm, now they're mad that they lacked the class now they want their flash back, ass-fat nicer than looking at DJ’s ass-crack, by the sound of that gas turning hazmat, when I let the fires crack, Annie’s catching bans when I let the tibbers smack, catching carries for a snack, rapid fire rockets shots meddling gunner with the glock cocked to let out the buster shot,
firing till I hit the spot, trist with the shiv stacked one-hundred watts,
taking down tanks, ready, fire, head-shot.
Track Name: Crash Landing Man
Swapmeet (Chorus): Bye bye birdy, bye da flyin birdy, bye bye birdy dat ended with a crash.

X: I'm the crash landing man, crashing into garbage cans, I'm drunk off my nuts, feeling cunts with my fappin' hand, just for your information I'm a lost soul, but sometimes I forget that I'm lost though, so I'm confident that confidantes ain't talking shit, truthfully I'm parched, I pitched the partialness of sandi-which hand's fanciest, my right hand's caused more ruckus than a silent night, I don't give shits but I do take shites, I'm high as a trout, so fuck your kite, but he's stuck in sin, but didn't realize, couldn't read between the lines even though he's got four eyes, poor guy still tried even though whores got horny 'cause he passed out his dick without forethought, a bitch made kiddy with a switchblade - take it out - threaten my mommy because I'm insane, I'm spitting superficial racial slurs sipping my purple slurpee, saying that they seen but I take it they never heard me.

But you heard it from the sarge himself, throw up from the horse's mouth, with lead tied to my feet, the privilege to drown in a drought, you're an angel, so beautiful, so feminine, the same kind of angel that fell and then made Nephilim, you learn to get the nest of him, molested by a retard, scarred, no effort or reason to ever be hard, so what you tryna mask it for, you ain't nowhere without me, on that narrow road 'til that fat lady cow sings, touch it 'cause it will burn, drinking from them cisterns, kooler than all these other kids, I beat 'em so they will learn that I mark my territory with urine that's ketone ridden, flows keep on spitting, I keep on sitting upright, "kool kids" ask me if I'm down to get drunk tonight, um, let me think, nah, fuck that, feel fed-up with the famine while finding problems I can't fix, praying for repentance but they're still tripping over triple six.
Track Name: Want
Swapmeet: Swapmeet is da Pizza King, ruler over everything, oral is a pleasant dream until your mama's cock mouth singz, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, so them arctic narwhalz sing, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, so them arctic narwhalz sing, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, I'm sorry that all I muster up are some corny jokes, but a girl never gave a reason for me to choke, it was your mind fucking eyes under a microscope, brain smashed to cantaloupe, you just ate me up like Hannibal Lector, serve me with your fava beans, you can smack me into place 'n' they'll say, "Swap, shit no fighting please," cuz' see me stepping into line just trying to get closer to know ya', stomach tossed, heart still pounding for ya', I can smell you sleeping at the bottom of my nail bed, from me rushing past to grasp the side of your hand, take you on a magic carpet ride, these pyramids will be some oversized slip and slide, holding hands just you and I, as I'm moving down your thigh, you'll probably feel the presence of my shit brown eyes, only a dirty thought, but my mind was set to rot, I want to stay inside your life whether you like me or not kid.

DJ: Oral was a pleasant dream, oral was a pleasant dream, but then I realize that oral isn’t everything, but it doesn’t register whether virtue or instinct, that I have ordinance, she violates my precinct, distraction is unwelcome, disinfect my intellect, my sweeping septic introversion demonstrates my absent phase, my recreation was her face, a throbbing gloom, she hits herself, I lodge my moonless thoughts in this cay, my process is lost in the flaying of agenda, but I need to forget me, remember her as smiling and staring at me warmly, my ISTP swarming her braincase with tension, and I’m guilty for hurting Betty Powerful not deserving of malice I’m reserving for myself, I’m learning, hemorrhage and burning, I want you, oral was a dream...

Volivoli: (I want you)

Swapmeet: I'm fed up with my Pepé Le Pew act, I want to ask you out 'n' I got my balls set to do that, but the last girl who had me got me scrambling for my gonads, I lost a couple marbles now they're calling me like Tarzan,
(look) I'm pretty well aware my music isn't pretty, 'n' looking at my world my life is kind of messy, but I'll bite my tongue and tie my wrists 'n' throw my skills to petty, if it gives me a little to let chance to call you pretty Missy, cuz' they explain me like a fuck up, they call you like a buttercup, it would just be any other girl if I was looking just to bust a nut, thus this must not be lust, head over heels in love before anything started, so I guess for most of the relationship you're gonna' to have to catchup.