Animals, Me

from by †MK

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T-Rekt: As I grab you by the waist, I hold tight to no restraint, and I do as you say because I adore the way that you look when on fire giving screams like Rottweiler, but when we're on your bed and you're shaking that head from that orgasm that made you say, "please go deeper, make it harder; touch me lightly like a gentleman politely" so instead I clutch your throat as I begin to overdose, hydrochronic overflow until the tears run down your face as you're begging and pleading, I mistook the words for cheering and screaming so I begin to hold you closer and lick that salt water right off your face and kiss your lips to leave a stain of your own blood mistaken by the way that I make love to give a suck this ain't your normal fuck because it's rape, it's just the same like you did to my heart on that day, and it hurts in the way above the threshold of pain and the wounds that I gained and the words that I say don't mean shit, so I take a couple hits then I begin to reminisce, but you are still fighting and I'm super sizing my meal because I'm constantly eating and waiting for my wounds to heal to commit a homicide that make my rage decline do not be surprised that I've decided suicide.

She said she left me for Jesus so I decided to burn down the idea of Eden and I'm eating her out as she opens her mouth I send two fingers down she is starting to drown in beginning to frown silence putting me down and as hormones reside see look there goes my pride, self conscious animals: me, myself, and I.

TMK boy toys, patches, logos, Thrash 44, eating pizza, chips ahoy, petting puppies, Petco, spitting them rhymes that Fosho (woo), hotter than summer in Fresno, Unicorn King name's Taco, the Pizzaking don't fuck with hoes (oh), blood sucking leech mosquitos, chicken and steak burritos, DJ's a vegan, and X diabetic, Jose was homeless, and Sweetlime's a cleric, Dungeons and Dragons to Yu-Gi-Oh, videogames, shit studio, my talents declining white girl so inviting I am so fat that I'm starting to hide it and every second it feels like im dying, I dont want life but yet though I'm trying to not be a self conscious animal: I, myself, and me reside to sleep, decomposing, count some sheep, to this promise I will keep to hold you in your dreams and to coax you in your sleep until your weak between the knees, until I throw up and my stomach starts to slim down, until my heart begins to pound, I piss our name unto the ground 'cause TMK plays that shit loud.


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
T-Rekt || DJ



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†MK Los Angeles, California

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