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Tina (Chorus): We never talk anymore, the things that we wanted to fucking ignore were things that I just couldn't ignore, but thanks, I just couldn't attain, couldn't explain that I just want it.

X: I don't got the quietest hatred upon a child's lips, but dying isn't better in diabetic environments, spent my entire life acting like an entire dick, so help me to realize that life ain't just a requirement, it pissed me off that my dick was dry like a biscuit with no gravy when breasts and thighs were in my sight, but no touch, always was horny because the snuggle wasn't real enough, never see that bitch during lunch while other pussies purring just waiting for me to feel them up, but I was drunk, butt-fuck your excuses, objectivity makes women my amusement, useless, unless two chances like a Q-tip because we all fall short, poor soul with a spork, who's dying because he only eats the crumbs off the floor, screaming, "we never..."

Lord please forgive me, I've been taking more than giving up my life, and the fact that I'm weak means they won't give a fuck if I'm right to the fly, four eyes, seven chances, they say justice is blind, but so am I without glasses, I pity the wise man, fools got it on lock due to our short childhood timespan, I am, or at least have done truly evil things, that's why I can't talk to my family, no one told them they can't handle me, handle me, so handle me, loved lots, but unwanted more, call me heart throb, but it just means that I left her heart sore and burdened, done with all my bullshit, usually I'd be crying, but I'm sorry because I'm so sick and tired of my whining and complaining, so I cry myself a river 'til I acquire a mainstream, but fuck it all because it's all the same thing, on my hands and knees begging please hate me, screaming, "we..."


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
X || Tina Dibs || DJ



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†MK Los Angeles, California

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