Crash Landing Man

from by †MK

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Swapmeet (Chorus): Bye bye birdy, bye da flyin birdy, bye bye birdy dat ended with a crash.

X: I'm the crash landing man, crashing into garbage cans, I'm drunk off my nuts, feeling cunts with my fappin' hand, just for your information I'm a lost soul, but sometimes I forget that I'm lost though, so I'm confident that confidantes ain't talking shit, truthfully I'm parched, I pitched the partialness of sandi-which hand's fanciest, my right hand's caused more ruckus than a silent night, I don't give shits but I do take shites, I'm high as a trout, so fuck your kite, but he's stuck in sin, but didn't realize, couldn't read between the lines even though he's got four eyes, poor guy still tried even though whores got horny 'cause he passed out his dick without forethought, a bitch made kiddy with a switchblade - take it out - threaten my mommy because I'm insane, I'm spitting superficial racial slurs sipping my purple slurpee, saying that they seen but I take it they never heard me.

But you heard it from the sarge himself, throw up from the horse's mouth, with lead tied to my feet, the privilege to drown in a drought, you're an angel, so beautiful, so feminine, the same kind of angel that fell and then made Nephilim, you learn to get the nest of him, molested by a retard, scarred, no effort or reason to ever be hard, so what you tryna mask it for, you ain't nowhere without me, on that narrow road 'til that fat lady cow sings, touch it 'cause it will burn, drinking from them cisterns, kooler than all these other kids, I beat 'em so they will learn that I mark my territory with urine that's ketone ridden, flows keep on spitting, I keep on sitting upright, "kool kids" ask me if I'm down to get drunk tonight, um, let me think, nah, fuck that, feel fed-up with the famine while finding problems I can't fix, praying for repentance but they're still tripping over triple six.


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
X || Swapmeet || DJ



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†MK Los Angeles, California

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