F8L Foolz

from by †MK

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Swapmeet: If ya not born the year 1996, then you probably just a wannabe talking little bitch, 'n' I hope you spit harder then ya' lick a dick, from the looks of it, you'll be kicked out my battleship, TMK kids are preparing for a launch 'n' lift, I got the whole crew yelling, (yeah, we ready for this) 'n' we'll be slanging slachin' laughin' as we fight with our fists, cuz' everything we got we fought, mouth bloody 'n' toothless, two shits about your normal life, that ship sailed too quick, don't like it, put your hands in the door, smash it carefree, it's goin to take a lot more than this sore thumb not to notice me, 'n' I won't stop my rock until I'm shot dead in a AK 47 semi-automatic discrepancy, bury my dead body at the ball pit at Chuck-E-Cheese, cuz' I'm that kid in the corner, acting fucked up like he never wanna' know ya', basically just a loser in your class, who became kooler then your act, put your pride up on the mat so the gang can bang it back to back, comin off reckless sell this shit breakfast, and I know I spiced it right when them skinny girlz come for seconds.

Demonevin: It isn't rape unless it rhymes with Demonevin parents call him foolish tell their daughters not to let him in, focus on the negative plastered upon his letterman tip-toeing for the sedatives - WAIT - I'm the baddest asshole inside your class in fact, got your girlfriend looking back like, "who the hell is that?" I leave my white sailors in her orifice, she says that she hates it, but I know she wants more of this I'm moral-less bound to be if there are demons in my lineage, let me fill you in the dripping tip of the syringe, clack your heels three times theres still no running from Demonevin, spice you up buttercup, get a nut, eat your butt, say I love you just to fuck, dancing with demons in the pale moonlight, menacing voice of defiant kids displeasing to parents encouraged to be go-getters and find the pursuit of happiness we've chosen to take the throne of teenage angst, don't try to end this when your fucking incompetent to test it.

X: If you don't think we're the koolest, then you better check your definition, synonyms include awesome, wikkid, dope and bitchin', but nobody doubts the fact that we're the weight that'll break the camel's back, I'm sorry, but you lost me when you said you thought he'd get tired of being the best, but I made sure that I drank my coffee, so I'll be up all night and you know I won't get restless, thrashing little boy whom leaves a trail of bloody test strips, they say Santa isn't real, but I made him up so he can check this, and I'm abstinent like I choked the chicken until it was headless, screaming, porky was a poor kid, happy he wasn't aborted, happy I chose the blue pill, but I wish I didn't snort it, revolt against your apostasy, comma, I'm an apostrophe, separate their ideas, bring 'em together, we are the best and we only get better, givin' candy to a baby, I'll love you even if you hate me, but expect me to wipe your butt, then expect your booty-hole to start chaffing, but nobody's talking shit, so I guess I'll get rid of my breath mints, trippin' that he is a diabetic, give my middle finger and tell them to "test this," call us that Frankenstein tree with grafted branches on all sides, hand-pick the best of the best and in response you go "oh my," God, I said oh my God, if you think I'm planning to stray from your path then I hope you know I'm not.


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
Swapmeet || Demonevin || X || DJ



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†MK Los Angeles, California

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