Ordering Domino's With Kerry

from by †MK

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Chorus: Girl, I want your body, I want your body, cuz' you got that big ol' fat ass, girl.

Swapmeet: Michael Jackson, end of the table with the glowing cup, my pie is the best, I love appendicitis like ouch my cowboy “ringers,” walkin' off my pedestal, Jesus knows I’m lookin’ fly high, “look at [my] brother [told you],” I know, a fan film.

X: Not depressed, but on the verge of giving up, ask me what the problem is, I'll bluff and tell you "nothing much,"'cause hatred is the labyrinth that I'm lost in, but I try and love 'em 'cause I'd rather be a Godsent, send this baby back to the king's feet, and tell him I'm defective, been called things among dick, bitch, asshole, and sexist, but what the frick you talking about, and why the fuck are you still talking with my cock in your mouth, while I vomit into porcelain, tore up your endorsement,
leave you naked in the forest like a dick without a foreskin, force a fake grin, poor and tasteless, force it down my throat that I was more than makeshift, hard as fuck but still easy baking, self-conscious, but confident, so look at me in depth, I'll say I got a little dick so call me sexually inept, but everybody knows I'm the baddest ass, with my finger up my rump where the cash is at, born, raised, crucified, nigga call it thrash, when I bury your dead body in the cabbage patch, got to be afraid of crashing to land properly, so I won't stop my rock 'til I'm on top of things, brave or cowardice, nigga fuck with us, the Crash Landing Man 'cause I ain't afraid of nothing much, out of the womb into the arms of a mortician 'cause I was born twitching, expected to die young but cluck harder than most chickens, kicking because I'm sick of this burning bush on a sinking ship, but I ain't tripping, I ain't never been arrogant, but if you don't think that I'm foolish, better check your definition quick, separate chaff from the wheat 'cause they drag their feet, only as strong as the weakest link you decide to keep, piggy!


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
X || DJ || Swapmeet || T-Rekt



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†MK Los Angeles, California

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