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Swapmeet: Call of flyin piggiez, imagination attached to the thoughts of little kiddies, stuck face, mud deep, said that it was good for me, the poorest brat ya' eva' seen, $poiled knowz what spoiled meanz, ungrateful for the air it breathes, sacrifice for spoiled needs, ya' wanna lean, my brother selling Codeine, all we want is sex, fuck these demons we are coping, hanging with a Vader chap, air choke his wrist will clap, chillin like aristocrats, walked in the kitchen catchin' Xian tryin to masturbate, wonder if he'd focus if there's nothing on his dinner plate, cuz my stomach ached, 'n' all I ever see is money, one thing I learned is physical can be taken from me, sick of this man-made Garden of Eden, they shocked me in my collar, threw me back in a pig pen, somethin bad about it, hanging with these addicts habits, wanna' speak my mind leave me screaming inside my mattress, nothin' but a Hipocritic-potimis, self-conscious arguments, can't say I'm pure when my crimes are just anonymous, bitch. I'm far from perfect, better close your mouth, deserve it, waste my breath on somethin' worthless, mom, I'm not your problem, son, but I got some problems, come 'n' take this pocket gun, no fun, her last piggy was baked until he porked, passed him a pistol so he could puke his last snort, sing a trail of Cheerios, my thoughts were lead to violence, someone kill my brain, these voices are far from silent, they're sayin' that I suck, 'n' I'm starting to believe them, wish it was in my head, but it's in the hallwayz that I'm greetin' them, ice cold mud covered fingers in a handshake, successfully stole my childhood like Suzy lost her EZ Bake, take the backpack, rub the spit from my eyes, lookin for my dignity as I flee this pigsty!

(Shut the fuck up!)

X: Why the fuck can't I leave, stuck in this sty and they don't see when I'm crying myself a river, loathing the mirror, spit on it, so I won't see myself any clearer than a deer in a headlight, crash-landing, he's screwed with his head tight, ruin everything like a clog in a lead pipe, your lies ain't justified, crucified flesh on the grill tasting hella' fine, but I still can't, never can, get enough, call me elect, but I see no more stuff than what used to be a sex addict, don't give any fucks, so call me abstinent, say I can't have any while they all are busy having it (uh) a large bowl of ignorance all turned to horse shit, do my best to grind off the horns I was born with, I can taste the death in my ears, steer far from the overwhelming sin of my peers, with their spirit of lawlessness, I am my own odium, don't have any rights 'cause I'm sixteen and so damn dumb, but I can get over leapfrog and red rover, red rover, bring destruction of his flesh over, teaching bitches how to sit, Little Homie's got that attitude, floor covered in shit, can't wait to leave a dog or two, they say to get dumb, so I get none, these cats are nothing but kids, so I get to easy bakin' 'em, but I'm not a witch inside a candy house, I'm diabetic, so they try to kick the candy out, try to lose the weight, won't look back in the race, stay on the narrow path 'til I'm back in my place, better be ready because the world is coming in its real size, be rolling in the shit while Swap is fleeing the Pigsty.


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
Swapmeet || X || DJ



all rights reserved


†MK Los Angeles, California

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