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X: Call it progress, but my progression is offset, don't get depressed when my parents say I'm a threat to their lifestyle dreams of being "normal," a wild child mind that gets a cornhole full of lies, lies, limes and lemons, asking God, do they make lemonade in heaven, got to give an arm, a leg, and break a bone to make these kings motherly and to put mothers upon the throne, but it left my heart breaking, shaking hands with a pagan, what, you don't approve, that's not a big surprise to me or you, screaming, who knew shoes shine when you spit on 'em two times, throw my clock at your head, so you learn that time flies when I'm having fun, stuff my fingers down your throat 'til you choke on what you're having, son, just saying that it should be intuitive that a pituitary tumor was not the thing that grew me big, but it was the beans on my plate, which is the only thing I relate to, straight razor to your face is worse than saying that I hate you, but I've suffered too much to be called weak any longer, just some kid whom hopes the grass is greener over yonder, I ponder the fact I can't not think, in fact, I get awestruck, with time I get lost, but I'm the little boy whom fell in the well, whose only chance to become a man is to climb his way out of hell, which means I swallow my ego with all my vitamins, time after time, again and again, but it's the tell tale signs that this tall male guy should be told about his splinter, but there's a plank in your eye, I get it, be aware of what you can't see and you can't see me, I'll put you in your place and knock you back in a deep sleep, fucker.


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
X || DJ



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†MK Los Angeles, California

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