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Phil: Colliding with the angels, not a saint tripping over that red paint, shit it's blood cummin' on your mom like its a fucking flood get me fucking freaked in this cup, that purp slurp slip my tongue into ya' privates, yea the captain of the ship, trip chocolate chips laced, and feed 'em to ya' sister got me fucking in the stank, kill 'em off with army tanks, my army's long like sweater sleeves, my shit bring ya' down to your knees, got your girl begging, "more cock please," fucked her so hard, called it rape and the police, that pussy to sweet gotta get it off that lease buy and sell it at the Ralph's, but first I'm gonna wreck it (ahh) rekt till the morning sun with my gun extended, clip to the face but no suicide, ride and hide ya' fuck cowards lying in the lions den the liars try and make amends, the lion offs the liars head and so goes this tragic end.

T-Rekt: Phil and I about to ride and buy some more bev, kool kids on the block X marked the spot tatted T-Rekt, when I Dunk, I create a cataclysm, now they're mad that they lacked the class now they want their flash back, ass-fat nicer than looking at DJ’s ass-crack, by the sound of that gas turning hazmat, when I let the fires crack, Annie’s catching bans when I let the tibbers smack, catching carries for a snack, rapid fire rockets shots meddling gunner with the glock cocked to let out the buster shot,
firing till I hit the spot, trist with the shiv stacked one-hundred watts,
taking down tanks, ready, fire, head-shot.


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
Phil || T-Rekt || DJ



all rights reserved


†MK Los Angeles, California

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