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X & Swapmeet (Intro): TMK, TMK, TMK...

X: Drop dead, I'm gorgeous, lower than the floors, been charred to the bone due to habits atop porcelain, poor soul, sadly, no more righteous than a pork butt. pork belly, tellin' truth to children with a forked tongue, and I keep my distance with my anger just to mask the truth, wish upon a star so it can rain when I ask it to, and still I bled all the colors of my alphabet, I throw myself over the ledge 'til there's no safety net, they are always here, but it's apparent that they've never seen, my teen spirit smells like a parrot dowsed in kerosene, I'm guaranteed to fuck shit up, jumping until I bust a nut, it's more than just a mother-fuck, I'm fucking up your mother's butt, more or less regardless, uncooked, hard to spit, I burn more bridges than six atheist arsonists, I need Swapmeet to tell me how far to stray, get it, get it hard 'cause I still go TMK, nigga!

Volivoli: Asking with Whirl as king why I struggle with simple things, the bottled vibes that sprung a flux, screwed my willing since I can't give fucks, thought the thoughts I think were rare that bashing my focus they can't compare cause clashing minds are filling, I'm stuffed and my head is spilling, pounding the pavement, denying I'm complaicent, our streets ignore our homeless, and home is just so penniless, unruly giddy kiddy mess, unspoken, but could you guess, my heaven was never enough
I starved, not knowing how to bluff, trippin' 'bout her bliss, mis-
led my appetite to climb while these foolish med eyes stare at the vibrant sublime, but flippin' Swapmeet laid a platter of inspiration that matters, fuck, now I'm fatter, fuck, now I'm fatter, so I stopped praying for praise,
ego-swelling tramps get malaise, was dead at ease, numbing brain freeze had tried and found over-thinking's a tease, your kind surprises now satisfy as prizes, spoiling the vices that myself advices.

Swapmeet: They see my chest puffing through the crevices, they clearly see my ego like my dick's up on my necklace, hanging with these kiddies who went to hell to serve their two terms, only thing left upon my grave stone were some red ferns, talkin to the rain cloudz, forget about the sunshine, never rains in LA but the tears fall in the night time, gettin' a little scared about the skeletons in your closet when the mortuary comes to us to make a daily deposit, this world was a muck before I was born into it, so I can side with the guys who keeps defence on his glock clip, cuz' I'm walking in the product of my ancestors contradictions, choking on the fools gold when the hope starts to glisten, started below the bottom pushed our way through the gates of hell, a kool kid clan who leavez rubber burning tire smell, behind the wheel, kid steering with his gap teeth, tryin' to change the world by being who you're supposed to be, my pearly whites left an early taste, common story to rise to fame, but leave it to the goonz to break the foolz who choose to play the game, if I did it right dandelions will blow my gravestone, wouldn't need to rise and ask if my exit was known, ya' mad bro, have a tantrum to beat you out of it, you can cry louder but my baby's never had a fit, cuz' my goals ain't egotistical, no girlies tickle testicles, money, sex, and drugz is not gonna' apprehend a fool and if you think you're bad enough, you better grab your bag of nuts to come and test this, me all night so you know I don't get restless, a thrashing little boy who leavez you stirring up your chex mix, these are proven facts, even Santa checked his check list.

DJ: I’m ‘a 'na top you on a table, I’m your maid, Miss, cleaning up this TMK mess, I’m an Obelisk, standing tall, flat on the floor, wait an hour for Swap, Moscle, and Unicorn to finish then sitting like a broody hen, Toon Town, Roger Rabbit on time, I set my Heavy Storm skip the whole damn line to chidren’s rides cut to exit chasing ass across the land, I’m chasing my own tail for the bits that I don’t want to bless, you can have it back, disinterested/let down by big boy’s big toy, he wants another kid to play with him, the kiddie’s self - absorbed, dying, and convinced that she’ll adore him at one point or another, ripping himself apart until he’s shrapnel on her sweater, I’m tempted to take it off regardless of the bounding tether, I wanna’ believe that it’s the heat and Mountain Dew that makes up fucked-up, but in the subtext it’s just TMK code of conduct, kid.


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
X || Volivoli || Swapmeet || DJ




†MK Los Angeles, California

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