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Swapmeet: Swapmeet is da Pizza King, ruler over everything, oral is a pleasant dream until your mama's cock mouth singz, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, so them arctic narwhalz sing, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, so them arctic narwhalz sing, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, oral is a pleasant dream, I'm sorry that all I muster up are some corny jokes, but a girl never gave a reason for me to choke, it was your mind fucking eyes under a microscope, brain smashed to cantaloupe, you just ate me up like Hannibal Lector, serve me with your fava beans, you can smack me into place 'n' they'll say, "Swap, shit no fighting please," cuz' see me stepping into line just trying to get closer to know ya', stomach tossed, heart still pounding for ya', I can smell you sleeping at the bottom of my nail bed, from me rushing past to grasp the side of your hand, take you on a magic carpet ride, these pyramids will be some oversized slip and slide, holding hands just you and I, as I'm moving down your thigh, you'll probably feel the presence of my shit brown eyes, only a dirty thought, but my mind was set to rot, I want to stay inside your life whether you like me or not kid.

DJ: Oral was a pleasant dream, oral was a pleasant dream, but then I realize that oral isn’t everything, but it doesn’t register whether virtue or instinct, that I have ordinance, she violates my precinct, distraction is unwelcome, disinfect my intellect, my sweeping septic introversion demonstrates my absent phase, my recreation was her face, a throbbing gloom, she hits herself, I lodge my moonless thoughts in this cay, my process is lost in the flaying of agenda, but I need to forget me, remember her as smiling and staring at me warmly, my ISTP swarming her braincase with tension, and I’m guilty for hurting Betty Powerful not deserving of malice I’m reserving for myself, I’m learning, hemorrhage and burning, I want you, oral was a dream...

Volivoli: (I want you)

Swapmeet: I'm fed up with my Pepé Le Pew act, I want to ask you out 'n' I got my balls set to do that, but the last girl who had me got me scrambling for my gonads, I lost a couple marbles now they're calling me like Tarzan,
(look) I'm pretty well aware my music isn't pretty, 'n' looking at my world my life is kind of messy, but I'll bite my tongue and tie my wrists 'n' throw my skills to petty, if it gives me a little to let chance to call you pretty Missy, cuz' they explain me like a fuck up, they call you like a buttercup, it would just be any other girl if I was looking just to bust a nut, thus this must not be lust, head over heels in love before anything started, so I guess for most of the relationship you're gonna' to have to catchup.


from A Fool Album, released May 16, 2015
Swapmeet || DJ || Volivoli



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†MK Los Angeles, California

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